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Afia Dispenser (Black)


Afia™ Dispensers are the latest technology in hand care dispenser solutions.  Designed for use in virtually any private or public restroom, this attractive, durable unit is the dispenser of choice.  With unique built-in foaming dispenser valve, the Afia™ dispenser saves money right away by not having to throw away a valve on every bag of product.



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About Afia Dispenser (Black)

DIRECTIONS FOR MOUNTINGOpening the Dispenser1. To open the dispenser cover, insert key into slots at the top of the dispenser (see figure 1).  Dispenser will automatically shut off when cover is opened.Battery Care Instructions 1. Open unit (see figure 1). 2. Open battery cover (see figure 2) 3. Install batteries in proper direction. (4-AA-cell Alkaline Batteries required) 4. Replace battery cover by inserting notches at an angle and snapping into place. 5. Close cover.  Dispenser will not operate unless internal lock snaps closed. 6. The indicator light should slowly flash green.  Check dispenser operation by moving your hands under it. 7. Be sure to dispose of used batteries properly.Battery Indicator Light * Slow flashing green - standby mode, indicates dispenser is working properly. * Rapid flashing green - dispenser is delivering soap. * Slow flashing red - batteries require replacement.  Without replacement, the dispenser will eventually stop operating. * Rapid flashing red - unit failure.  Open dispenser cover to reset unit.Mounting Instructions * Use included TAPE on glazed tile, painted metal or unpainted metal walls.  Tape will not perform satisfactorily if wall surface is porous like brick or wood. * Also, use included SCREWS AND ANCHORS or other appropriate hardware based on surface type. * Locate dispenser above a sink or counter.  Recommend never locating where spillage can fall on floor creating hazardous condition. * Dispenser should be mount at least 6 inches above any surface or object. * If installed above stainless steel or glossy surface at least a 9” mounting hight is recommended. * Installer will be held responsible for proper installation. * To be in compliance with ADA regulations, the dispenser should be mounted no more than 48” from the ground.To Mount Mounting with Double Sided Tape 1. Thoroughly clean wall surface, wipe with included wipe and let dry completely.  For silicone build-up, use a pumice-type cleaner or grout cleaner to clean the surface. 2. Peel off paper from the back of tape (supplied).  Press dispenser firmly to the wall and hold for at least 30 seconds to make sure tape has completely adhered to the wall (see figure 3). 3. Wait 24 hours before filling with soap to ensure the tape has completely adhered to the wall before adding weight.Mounting with Screws and Hardware 1. Open dispenser and remove the pump. 2. Thoroughly clean wall surface, wipe with included wipe and let dry completely.  For silicone build-up, use a pumice-type cleaner or grout cleaner to clean the surface. 3. Using the dispenser as a template, mark hole location on wall (see figure 4). 4. Drill 1/8” diameter holes for anchors and screws or other hardware.  Attach dispenser to wall with appropriate hardware. 5. Replace disposable bag and close dispenser.Filling Instructions 1. Insert the pump into the bag (see figure 5) 2. Install back to dispenser, then close the cover (see figure 6).  

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