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CRC™ Ceramic Restoration Crème


Ceramic Restoration Crème

CRC™ Ceramic Restoration Crème will polish glazed and unglazed ceramic and porcelain tile. It contains highly refined, carefully selected abrasives that will produce a bright luster on ceramic and porcelain tiles. This revolutionary “one-step” crème will produce a shine up to 4 times faster than the two step powder-systems that are on the market today. CRC™ will scour ceramic tile to remove years of built-up stains and mineral deposits. The tile and grout will look better than new with a minimum of effort.


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About CRC™ Ceramic Restoration Crème


The floor tiles must be clean and free of any coatings or sealers.Pre-clean ceramic tile using NCL CYCLONE™ Intensive Ceramic Tile Cleaner at a dilution of 1:4 (32 oz./gal). Squirt out 2 ounces of CRC™ Ceramic Restoration Creme onto the floor. Spritz 2 trigger sprays of water onto this. Position an NCL STONE BLAZER™ weighted floor machine (160-170 lbs.) onto the product and begin to buff with an AQUA MAGIC™ pad in a slow side-to-side motion. Work this over a 4-6 sq. ft. area. Buff for approximately 1 minute. Squeegee back the slurry and check results.Notes: Add more water and more creme as necessary to complete the job.After polishing, rinse the floor with CYCLONE™ Intensive Ceramic Tile Cleaner diluted at 1:10 (12 oz./gal) to remove all tile residues.Coverage: 2,500 Square Feet (233 Square Meters) per gallon.Provide ample ventilation when using product, especially in tight or enclosed areas.


  • Highly refined, selected abrasives / Creates an exceptional polish; restores ceramics
  • Convenient Liquid Crème Formula / No messy powders to mix
  • Cleans grout and polishes ceramic tile in one step / Saves time and labor compared to multi-step systems
  • Long Lasting Polish / Reduces maintenance cycles

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