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ENSEEL™ Acrylic Sealer & Undercoater An all acrylic


Acrylic Sealer & Undercoater

An all acrylic, water emulsion sealer that protects floor surfaces from water, dirt and abrasive wear. This product provides floor maintenance cost savings by eliminating frequent strippings and re-coatings. This pure acrylic brilliant primer is produced in high pressure reactors using proprietary designed polymer emulsions, interacted plasticizers, leveling aids, antifoam agents and deionized water to insure maximum performance.


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About ENSEEL™ Acrylic Sealer & Undercoater An all acrylic


Floor Preparation: Strip floor thoroughly with your preferred NCL floor stripper, making sure that all old film is removed. Rinse completely and allow to dry.Application of Sealer: Using a clean string mop or applicator, apply a thin even coat of ENSEEL™ Acrylic Sealer and allow to dry for at least 30 minutes. On very porous floors apply a thick coat and allow to soak 5 minutes. Pick up excess, if any, before ENSEEL™ Acrylic Sealer begins to dry. To increase the appearance of the surface a second coat may be applied. After ENSEEL™ Acrylic Sealer has been allowed to completely cure, apply the recommended NCL Floor Finish following recommendations on product label.


  • Tough wear surface / Long lasting protection
  • Water-based / No dangerous fumes
  • Fast drying / Less waiting time
  • Designed for ease of application / May be applied by any personnel without extensive training
  • All acrylic formulation / Can be stripped easily

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