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ONE ® Labor Saving Sealer / Finish



Floor Preparation: Strip old finish and wax using your preferred NCL floor stripper following label directions. For baseboards and corners, use an NCL baseboard stripper following label directions. If necessary, rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to completely dry.

Application: Using a clean mop or applicator apply thin uniform coats of ONE ® Labor Saving Sealer / Finish. Allow to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes after each coat. Do not apply more than 4 coats in a 24 hour period. Floor should be thoroughly dry before traffic is allowed in area.

High Speed Buffing and Burnishing: ONE ® Labor Saving Sealer / Finish is an ideal for use with high speed polishing or burninshing machines of 1500-3000 rpm (electric, battery or propane). Prior to buffing or burnishing dust mop the floor surface using an NCL dust mop treatment. Buff or dry burnish using an NCL Aqua Magic buffing pad. For spray buffing, mop-on or autoscubber restoring use a prefered NCL gloss restorer.

Routine Maintenance: Dust mop using mop treated with an NCL dust mop treatment. Damp mop or clean with an automatic scrubber using your preferred NCL neutral floor cleaner following label directions.

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About ONE ® Labor Saving Sealer / Finish


ONE ® represents a true advance in floor finish performance. This super high solids formula produces unmatched “off-the-mop” gloss with extended gloss retention. Utilizing exclusive Advanced Polymer Technology, this superior floor coating will produce maximum gloss with fewer coats than conventional floor finishes. Combination sealer / finish saves product costs. Exceptional response to UHS burnishing.

Authorized UL Product

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